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To organize and promote youth soccer on a variety of levels while supporting the physical, mental, social, and emotional skills development of the individual players.

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1. To create a dynamic soccer club that provides youth with a variety of team options, including recreational, recreational plus, tournament only, and competitive teams.

2. To provide opportunities for all youth regardless of current skill or the ability to pay

3. To develop and enhance individual player skills.

4. To form and build team play skills.

5. To demonstrate and encourage positive sportsmanship in players, families, and coaches.

6. To support and educate coaches in all aspects of the game of soccer.

7. To promote interest in the sport of soccer in the Proctor community and surrounding areas.

Development Plan

The Proctor Futbol Club will develop and deliver a premier youth soccer experience by focusing on three key areas.  First, we will provide excellent coaching and opportunities for coaching development.  Second, we will increase the number of participants in our programs through marketing, retention, and offering financial assistance.  Third, we will continue to grow our offerings to include more opportunity for youth soccer.

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