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Proctor FC Growth and Development Plan for 2024


Proctor FC will develop and deliver a premier youth soccer experience by focusing on three key areas.  First, we will provide excellent coaching and opportunities for coaching development.  Second, we will increase the number of participants in our programs through marketing, retention, and offering financial assistance.  Third, we will continue to grow our offerings to include more opportunity for youth soccer.


To provide excellent coaching, we will offer incentives to coaches that earn credentials through United Soccer Coaches or U.S. Soccer.  This will include paying for course fees of all online modules ($25 at U.S. Soccer and $20 at United Soccer Coaches). Coaches will also be offered free coaching clinics through AYSA or Proctor Futbol Club.  We will also continue to pursue advanced coaching education opportunities for our coaches, including hosting in person coaching courses. Coaching staff will also be provided a uniform free of charge for volunteering if they so desire.


We aim to grow the number of participants in Proctor youth soccer. We will pursue all avenues of free advertising and marketing and look for cost effective ways to spread the word for all program offerings.  We will offer excellent service to our members and go above and beyond to ensure a premier experience during the season and returning players year after year.  We will also commit to providing every opportunity to youth, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. We will pursue sponsorship to help cover costs and use set aside funds to cover player fees for those in need.


We will continue to grow the number of program offerings available through Proctor FC.  We aim to offer more than just recreational soccer teams.  Our goal is to also offer competitive teams in a variety of formats, as well as skills clinics or camps. In addition to U6 fall soccer, we want to provide opportunity for young players to get interested in the game by offering a program for 3-5 year olds to play soccer, such as the little kickers program. We want to offer as many opportunities as possible for youth soccer at all levels and ages.


To help Proctor FC develop in all of these areas, we are also dedicated to increasing the number and quality of our fields, equipment, and other resources.

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