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These are the main fields Proctor FC uses, directions to other fields can be found on the AYSA site here.

Munger Town Hall Fields

These are the main fields for U8-U12 just a few miles out of town on Hwy 2 at Munger Shaw Rd.  Munger Old School is a U14 field just 1 block north of here on Munger Shaw Rd and Maple Grove.

Larry Shelton Field

Larry Shelton field is used for U8-U12 practices and is located only a few blocks from Bayview Elementary School on 87th Ave W.

Midway Field

This is the U6 field located in Proctor on Midway Ave next to Midway Park.

Pike Lake

These U8-U12 fields are located next to Pike Lake Elementary school at the Canosia Township Recreation Area.

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