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Soccer Camps and Clinics

There are many opportunities in the Proctor/Hermantown area to learn soccer or increase your skills.  Check out Little Rails for an ages 3-6 summer soccer camp, or click the button below to see what is currently available through community education. 

  • Click Here if you want to learn how to play soccer for the first time.

Area Opportunities

There are many organizations and clubs that offer specialized training in soccer.  Below are just a few of the opportunities in the area.

AYSA offers a Striker/Keeper Camp and a Ground Skills Camp every summer.

Gitchi Gummi Soccer Club holds a West Ham player development camp in the spring, and youth development camps during the summer.

Twin Ports Elite Soccer offers 5-12th graders a six week soccer camp during the summer.

Vintage Sports Camps offers a soccer week during the summer in Proctor, MN.

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